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 Development and Empowerment for Women's Advancement 

Training and workshops 


DEWA Project offers training and workshops to organisations working with women and girls. These services are also available to individuals and community groups and aimed at:

- Gaining a good level of awareness on asylum seeking women, refused asylum and refugee women and Home Office process,  

   NHS and work opportunities 

- Gaining general awareness on domestic violence (DV) and the types of abuse encountered by women and girls

- Understanding DV and the other forms of violence against women and girls

- How to address DV in the UK, especially in refugee & asylum seeking communities

- Learning the report mechanisms for DV in the UK

Current training and workshops include:

Violence against Women and Girls (VAWG)

1. Breaking the Silence: The Power to Change (Workshops)

2. Working with women refugees and asylum seekers affetced by domestic violence (Training)

Pricing options for training and workshops 

(Discount is available: 25-45% from April 2020)

Talk That Talk workshops: Let's talk about and hear from 

- Asylum seeking women and 

- Refused asylum 

- Refugee women

(Awareness-raising sessions)

HeAr Us workshops: COVID19 and its impact on US 

Mental Health and its impact on asylum seeking women and NHS

We can tell our past stories but the reality is a story by itselfe: Asylum seeking women experience with HO and NHS services.

Unconscious Bias and its impact on asylum seeking women and refugees  

Tackling Violence against Women and Girls (VAWG) in refugee / migrant communities

Organisations supporting those who have been affected by sexual and domestic violence

Small organisations

(income under £20,000) & those working with refugees & asylum seekers

Public and Private Sector


(Up to 15 participants)


(Up to 15 participants)

£280.00 - £300.00

Per session

DEWA Project's VAWG training and workshops are endorsed nationally by Imkaan.

Our partners include: 


          Sheffield City of Sanctuary 

DEWA Project is a member of Imkaan.

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