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 Development and Empowerment for Women's Advancement 

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Do YOU have a spare time to support us to extend our suport to vulnerable women?

COVID-19 is also impacted on us and our services but we still doing our best and most of our work are online. If you can help us with our social media, trainings/workshops, admin and fundraising, please get in touch. We will offer you a good level of training on understanding the journey that women go through since they claiming asylum throught out the Home Office process. 



"It's high the Home Office stop penalising genuine women andmen who are asking for help or refuge (in the legal sense) to help themselves and their families by lifting this blanket of belief that everyone in NOT telling the truth. Bearing in mind that the tax payers of this also need some kind of a break"

A refused asylum seeking woman


Thanks a million 

"You've simply thrown me a life line and once again restored my faith in Humanity. I am immensely Grateful and thanks a million"

A refused asylum seeking woman 

lockdown time - COVID19

We are the same but different !

" Thank you very much for all you are doing and many thanks to the people who are supporting DEWA's work"

A refugee woman who got suppor for her childern during the

lockdown time - COVID19


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