Development and Empowerment for Women's Advancement

                    WHAT WE DO

DEWA Project:

  • Supports women forced to flee their countries to  rebuild their lives in their new country

  • Helps women and girls to reach their full potential through skills and capacity building

  • Influences policy through advocacy that is informed by research 

  • Offers training and workshops to organisations working with women and girls
  • Works collaboratively with organisations of similar values and ethos to synergise efforts                                            of achieving  women’s advancement

                                        Different Cultures, One World.

                                 Women's Voice from South Yorkshire


DEWA Project was established in 2010 by a group of women committed to

promoting equal access to rights and opportunities for refugee women in

South Yorkshire.

Our maiden project was the publication of our now sold-out book

“Different Cultures, One World: Women’s Voices from South Yorkshire”. 

The book amplified the voices of women of various backgrounds, including

refugees & asylum seekers

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